Tanks + Silos

The Ernst Schnittker GmbH produces a range of Tanks and Silos. Tanks for gases, liquids and Food waste. Silos for solids like garbage, ash, etc. With our customers we clarify the available space in the rooms, and then we design the tanks and silos individually for each customer. Thus we use the given space most economical and arrange the connections to the given surrounding. For the reliable operation the design of pump connection, position of level monitors and type of sensors is very important. If need, we are designing and installing mixing devices. The tanks are made of steel, AISI 316 / 1.4571 or fibre glass. The materials used are depending on the content to be filled.

We are producing tanks for:

  • Waste water,
  • sludge oil,
  • grease,
  • Food Waste,
  • Diesel oil etc.
  • Also we are delivering pressure tanks with TüV certificate.
  • Vacuum resistant tanks we are producing from 500 litres to 8000 litres.
  • Tanks with double surface to cool down or heat up the tank content.
  • Insulated Tanks.
  • Tanks with mixing devices.
  • Silos for garbage we have delivered on more than 100 ships.
  • Silos capacity ranges from 1 m³ up to 40 m³.

Our silos are including mixing devices and moving floor for continuous discharge. By our moving floor we are transporting the garbage in the silos and also dosing the output amount. With special purpose screw conveyors we transport the garbage. By designing precise demands for the PLC program and the parameters for operation of the tanks and silos we ensure a reliable operation. With optimized PLC program and adequate sensors the operation of the tanks and silos is almost maintenance free and ensures long life time.    


S Dosing conveyor
S Garbage Silo
S Silo
T Diesel Tanks
T Disk Tanks
T Food Waste Tank 2
T Food Waste Tank 3
T Food Waste Tank 4
T Food Waste Tank
T Lifting Tank
T Liquids Tank
T Sludge Oil Tank 2
T Sludge Oil Tank
T Tanks
Waste Silo with moving floor