Food Waste + Vacuum technology

The Ernst Schnittker GmbH develops and produces a range of Food Waste processing machines.  Together with our customers we are defining the special needs of each customer. This gives us the requirements to which we are engineering and designing each component.

Most times AISI 316 or 1.4571 materials are used. Food Waste processing includes: special hoppers for integration into galley tables, local control stations in the galleys, Piping, switch over stations, Food Waste shredders, metal catch devices, dewatering units, screw conveyors, pump stations, tanks, grease traps etc.

We clarify with customer the available space and rooms, and then we design the components, to use the given space most economical.

With our long experience, especial the vast variety of food waste ingredients, and e.g. forks and knifes in Food Waste, we deliver machines which process 100% reliable. If required, we work according to the requirements of classification societies like DNV, LRS, RINA, TüV.

Vacuum pumps enable us to transport the food waste and liquids more than 200m horizontal and up to 12m vertical. By using special coatings inside the vacuum pumps we reach very long life times. With a proven arrangement of pre separation tanks and filters we are separating the Food Waste and liquids from the air.

Dewatering Units are separating the liquids from the Food Waste. Based on our long experience, we recommend for each customer individual layout of the sieve and the general parameters. Thus we design and produce the Dewatering Units to achieve a defined dry content level of the pressed Food Waste.

In special designed Driers the Food Waste is dried up to 100% dry content value and then transported by screw conveyors to buffer silos and to Incinerator. Where needed the Food Waste is burned in an Incinerator with almost no ash output.

Generally the PLC program and the parameters for operation of Food Waste processing are a key factor for high amount of Food Waste transported and processed. With optimized PLC program and adequate sensors the operation of the Food Waste system is almost maintenance free and ensures long life time.    


Food Waste conveyor
Food Waste Dewatering
Food Waste Feeding Hopper
Food Waste seperation Unit
Food Waste Shredder double station
Food Waste Station
Vacuum Controlbox Infeed Station
Vacuum Pump Unit
Vacuum seperation
Food Waste Shredder